Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Favorite Part Of Being A Mom

I usually spend most of my time helping my children to be independent. I pick out their clothes but tell them to dress themselves, I give them chores to do, I let them find ways to entertain themselves and I let them face natural consequences.

This week I was reminded of how vulnerable they really are. For a day and a half Garrett faced a high fever and an upset stomach. 24 hours after Garrett recovered Robyn came down with an even higher fever, upset stomach and sore throat. I spent most of my week catering to sick children.

I realized how much I love taking care of my sick kids. There is nothing more rewarding than cuddling with a child that just wants to be with you. They get so weak they need you to help them with everything. Most of the time I worry about the housework but not when the kids are sick. I have an excuse to forget it and just lay around with my kids. I love it!

Doug is amazed by my ability to race to a sick child. Before I knew Garrett was sick I checked on him after he went to bed. He was stirring a little and moving his tongue around a lot. I thought this was a little strange and out of the ordinary for him so I got a bowl ready and put it on my nightstand. An hour after I went to bed I heard a noise in his room and raced to him (with a sprained ankle) with the bowl and caught IT just in time. I love the closeness you have with your children that helps you see when something isn't right. I am the only one that would have caught that with him.

I love the bond I have with my children and now that they are growing older and more independent I need these times to remind me that they still need me.


lori_n said...

You feel like the best mom ever when you catch "it". I absolutely love your story. The cuddling is the best. It's God's way of rewarding you for all the other "stuff" we go through. Take care, Stacey.

Mrs.T. said...

It has been two weeks now, I hope that Robyn and Garrett are better. I love your blog, and I really wish you would update it more often.
Mother of your childhood friend