Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Super Tackle It Tuesday!!

I made huge progress today cleaning and organizing. I love when this mood hits. I was inspired to take care of this since we may be moving Oct. 26th pending the inspection of the house in the next day or two. KC--We are moving to the same city as your relatives. I had time to do all this and meet friends for lunch. Did you see the key picture? These are all the keys I found in the process and I have no idea what they go to. I am a little afraid to throw them out. I will check with Doug and when he says to throw them out I can blame him if we need them down the road, right? What a great, productive day!!! This has been my most productive day since school started.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I have an embarrassing confession to make. Its time to come clean. Doug had a few nights in the last few weeks where he had to look at houses and meet with our agent in Cleveland. During that time I had the remote control for a little and I found a show on VH-1 called Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav. This show completely sucked me in, not because I am a fan of Flav, but because I was amazed that these girls wanted him. Well yesterday I was flipping through because I was depressed about the house situation and I found Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. I was sucked into that also. I liked Poison back in the day but was never a huge fan and he certainly isn't that attractive. I ended up watching 3 back to back episodes and not getting anything done. The sad thing is that I went grocery shopping this morning and after I unloaded the groceries and sat down to eat lunch I was looking for that show to be on! Luckily it wasn't so I came on here instead and I'm still not getting anything done. Okay, I'm done now, back to work!!!!
I'm back!!!! Believe it or not I did just get some work done. While I was getting things done I was thinking who's show I would want to be on if I wasn't married. I was thinking possibly Toby Keith, Stephen Jenkins (Third Eye Blind), Anthony Keidis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Justin Timberlake. Think of your favorite and come up with a show name and put it in my comments. Something like Anthony Keidis - Pepper of Love :) or Justin Timberlake - Young Lake of Love :) I would love to see your answers! I know I'm weird and lost my mind but just go with it.

Thurday Thirteen

I am about to go grocery shopping alone for the 2nd time in two weeks. Because I am so excited I will list 13 benefits to shopping alone.
1. I can look in the lingerie section without Garrett touching all the padded bras
2. I shop as long as I want
3. I can pick out candy and not have to share it
4. I save money
5. I only buy what I want to buy
6. No one begs for junk food
7. I don't have to hear fighting
8. I don't have to worry about losing anyone
9. I can concentrate and compare prices
10. I can walk as fast as I want
11. I don't have to break up any games that involve running down the aisle.
12. Its quiet
13. I can put the groceries away at my own pace and not stop for constant kid requests (why do they have a million requests when you come in the door after shopping)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to Square One

On Friday we signed paperwork to get out of our house contract. Its not final until they sign the paperwork, hopefully today if their agent decides to work today. We finally said enough is enough, we are ready to move on. Their bank, trustee and agents moved so slow and we just don't have that kind of time to play games. You would think they would want to sell the house but apparently banks don't care if there are foreclosures and they make less money. The scary part of dealing with the bank is that they can pull out of the deal at anytime.

Now we have to start all over again looking at houses, with a new agent. We will need to move fast though because there has been a lot of interest in our house and its costing us too much being in limbo because I haven't been able to work and now all my medical bills are coming in. Pray for me to find income in the mean time.

On the serious side, has anyone been watching Big Brother 8? I'm addicted to Big Brother shows but I'm very stressed out about this one. Its down the last four and two of them are too evil to win and will probably succeed. Right now we need Jameeka to win POV and not use it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Once Again, Not Wordless Wednesday

We just can't stop drawing on people in our household!! I went in to check on Garrett the other night before I went to bed and was shocked to see him like this. Robyn patiently waited for him to go to sleep ,then snuck into his room and did this. I think its a great payback for all the instigating he does. It was a washable marker but I really had to scrub to get this off his face before church.
The video below is from the Ohio State Fair. I never saw pig races before and I was highly amused. It sure doesn't take much, does it?