Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Cool Tunes

I have been having so much fun lately that I have to tell everyone about it. As some of you know, Doug gave me an iPod for Christmas. Its funny because until November we didn't even really know what an iPod was since we have been sheltered from cool things since we have had children. Anyway, since then I have been gathering our CDs and putting them on it. I thought I was done until I started organizing our desk and found all my old work CDs (computer geek + computer geek co-workers = lots of CDs). I didn't know I was about to hit a gold mine. I found a CD with MP3 songs that was made in 1998/1999 before I really even knew what to do with them. This has all my favorite old music on it. It has everything from Beastie Boys, to Onyx, to Reel Big Fish, to Dr. Dre, to Goldfinger, to Biz Markie and all my favorite slow songs. I just love listening to those old songs and dancing around being goofy. Just ask my kids, they are extremely embarrassed. I've decided to use this for punishments. Whenever the kids wake up grumpy I put House of Pain - Jump Around on and make them dance to it. Garrett enjoys it but Robyn of course thinks I'm just a dork.


Heather said...

How cool! I love my mp3 player! Best thing ever. That is awesome that you had all those songs ready to download! Ethan is just starting to get to the being embarrased by mom stage. I think girls hit that before boys though.

Heather said...

Oh I tagged you to do a meme
5 Reasons why I blog. Have fun!