Thursday, June 14, 2007

Best Buds!

We decided to have another beach day and this time we brought along friends. We went with Josh, Caleb and Jenn. Here is a picture of Garrett with his best bud Caleb. In honor of this I use my Thursday Thirteen to list great things about having friends.

Friends are for:
1. talking
2. laughing
3. crying
4. understanding
5. calling
6. confiding
7. visiting
8. celebrating
9. sharing
10. encouraging
11. helping
12. keeping
13. a lifetime


palmtreefanatic said...

This is so true Stacey! looks like you had a fun time!

KC said...

What a great TT. Love the photo of the beach. It looks like alot of fun. Which beach did you go to??

Jake & Jenn said...

Had a blast! Can't wait to go back!

KC said...

Stacy.. I was just at Jenn's blog and saw you are going into the hospital Monday for your surgery. I'll keep you in my Prayers. Is there anything you need to help with your recovery? If there is let me know.

KC said...

OOPES.. lots of comments from me today.. I didn't see you at the graduation.. but then Rhett was being awful so I was dealing with trying to keep him from throwing a fit and not really looking around all that much.. I did run into Lori Doyle and another Lori from MOPS who I don't recall her lastname, and Stacy Phillips(who might show up at MOPS less then I do LOL) I saw but didn't get to say hi to Julie Pavelick. Lots of people I know had kids there this week, but I didn't know that until today. I think you were the only one I saw and talked to While dropping them off and picking them up.

Michelle P said...

Brocklyn and I were just talking about how much we missed living near the beach! I'm so jealous!!