Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Attacked My Mom This Time!!

We had a rough start to our trip. Doug threw up all day and was sick the whole way there because of his root canal meds. I went to take Taffy to be boarded and she didn't have a voluntary vaccine that was required for that boarding facility so she had to come with us. At least we found that out before we went to Disney!! Anyway, once we got there we had fun and I was able to "Stacey" attack my mom for the first time!


Ellen said...

Hi! If you are visiting your mom, you are right around the corner from us. Please stop by on Friday, Dec. 28 if you are still in Brookhaven. Lisa and John will be here that day. We would love to see you and Doug and the children. Merry Christmas! Ellen T.

KC said...

LOL Stacy..
Know what impresses me the most about this attack. 1st here is your mom she comes down this slide her hair is blowing around, then she is rolling around to get off the slide, Yet when she gets up her hair is perfect like there isn't a hair out of place.. NOW how in the world did she do that.. LOL..
Sorry to hear Doug was sick hope he is feeling better.
Merry Christmas