Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tartar Sauce??

This might be a silly question but what does Tarter Sauce mean? I know what it is but what does it mean? For some reason Garrett giggles whenever he hears this. Whenever Robyn says this to him he gets mad. The kids are saying this over and over again. Am I missing something? Am I now officially uncool? Are my kids saying something bad from a TV show or something and I just don't know it?


KC said...

WEll i posted this comment already but then an error came up so if you get this twice I'm sorry..

Tartar Sauce is a Sponge Bob word.
He uses it anytime something doesn't go right.. sort of like "Oh Tartar Sauce"

Alex said...

Well, I didn't know it was Sponge Bob, but here's some Tartar Sauce trivia :)

tartar(e) sauce was named for the Tatar peoples of Mongolia. No, it is not a traditional Tartar recipe. The word 'tatar' refers to the Turkic-speaking people [Tatars] who settled in Mongolia sometime during the 5th Century AD. In the food world, 'tatar' takes on the French spelling 'tartare' and is most often associated with tartar(e) sauce and steak tartare.