Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sunny Saturday!!

Okay, I wish it was sunny but I know in Ohio that won't come until May. I really think the sky is gray from November to May here:) I think this is why Ohio is on the top 10 list of Most Miserable Cities twice (link to Top 10 List).

I'm going to be positive and believe that it actually feels like a sunny day to me, and for a few reasons. The temperature is much warmer, I had a great opportunity to take my daughter to a Mother/Daughter Luncheon and I have peeled myself away from work and Fox News.

I have been letting my addiction to news get the best of me and boy is it depressing lately. After listening to nonstop news from Monday through Friday I feel like I've been slapped in the face all week. The media is telling us that there isn't much hope left for the country and all the hard working Americans are supporting people like Octomom.

Below is a list I compiled of words I could go without ever hearing again. I'm going to point them out, put them in a box, stomp on it, burn it and move on with a more positive outlook.

1. Octomom
2. Bailout
3. Pork
4. Main Street
5. Wall Street
6. Joy Behar
7. Economy
8. Recession
9. Foreclosure
10. AIG
11. Taxes
12. Great Depression
13. Spending Bill
14. Stimulus Bill
15. Budget
16. Deficit
17. Layoff
18. Unemployment
19. Nancy Pelosi
20. Barney Frank

Let me know if you have more words for me :)


Rachel said...

I agree with you list. I would add the word 'slacks'. I hate that word with a passion, and while I know it doesn't fit with the theme I could go the rest of my life without hearing it. And that whole put in a box, stomp it, burn it thing...yeah, add my word too. Love you!

Heather said...

Good for you! To be honest, I don't even watch the news, I skim the newspaper and I pretty much go on with life wihout the media as much as possible. Bill updates me when there is something big. So much less stress. Good for you!!

Michelle P said...

Good to see you back and I would like too say a hearty "AMEN" to your entire list. There are certain words and people that make we want to take my TV and hoist it out the window!!