Friday, October 06, 2006

My Watchdog

I'm officially turning into one of those dog people. I find myself talking to the dog and treating her like a person. Luckily for Taffy, Doug is putting his foot down and not letting me buy her any clothes like the superman costume I wanted to get so badly. I tried to explain that she will need a winter coat but he won't listen. This annoying little puppy has turned into a large moose of a watchdog. She gaining weight at a rapid pace and you can actually see her growing each day. She loves our family so much and lets us know if something out of the ordinary is happening. She spends her days going from window to window checking things out and carrying her blanky around. She is a great playmate for the kids and she is a cuddly friend to me and Doug. Her only bad habit now is jumping but we are going to work on that this week before she gets spayed.


Heather said...

Wow has she grown! Look how big she is next to Garrett!!

Rachel said...

She's so big...but beautiful. And we thought kids grew fast.