Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I just haven't had much to blog about lately. I just don't have much time for the computer and nothing new is going on. Same old stay-at-home mom stuff (boogers, vomit, potty wiping, cleaning, cooking, volunteering).

Taffy was spayed yesterday at 7 months old. These are pictures from last night. She had such sad droopy eyes. She was doing well yesterday because she was nice and sedated. Today she was a lot more active and the incision site doesn't look as well as I had hoped. I'm hoping it heals more overnight, if not I'll have to take her back to vet. That would be fun considering she is now 56 pounds and is not supposed to climb into the car yet. The vet recommended Benadryl if she is too active so I will need to buy that tomorrow morning. She was too active for me to even look at the site until 10pm. I couldn't believe she felt like jumping up on the beds and couch (she is not allowed on any of them by the way).

That was the excitement for the beginning of the week. The end of the week will be Robyn's school Halloween party that I'm in charge of arranging. I can't wait to see what excitement pops up in the middle of the week. There is always something you don't plan for!!!

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Heather said...

Poor taffy... 54 ponds! WOW! Hope Robyns party went well and you managed to get through the week!!