Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Here are thirteen things I love about my morning schedule.
1. quiet time before the kids wake up
2. getting the kids their breakfast (I've made them breakfast menus and we play restaurant (this is the only meal they get a choice in))
3. putting away the morning dishes (I love my kitchen sink being clean)
4. making all the beds (This is my favorite, I'm weird)
5. opening all the blinds to get ready for the day
6. getting the kids off on the bus
7. listening to Curious George as I start laundry
8. straightening up the living room and kitchen before I leave
9. taking Garrett to preschool
10. Seeing grown-ups to talk to at Garrett's preschool
11. coming back to the house to work on a project, go to MOPs or help at Robyn's school
12. Thinking of some new area of the house to organize or clean
13. The feeling of relief that everything is on schedule

Is this a sad and pathetic list or what? I have to admit that as more days go on I enjoy being on a schedule, having everything in its place and organizing. I'm turning into an old fart and I'm only 30! The real challenge is to have Doug home after traveling so much. It throws off my schedule and its like having another child.


palmtreefanatic said...

men are no doubt!
I love having my own time! I also love making my bed and cleaning up my room in the morning, Gosh can a day start with out it? I would say not for me! I am weird too! hehehe

Heather said...

Don't peek at my beds in the morning!;p I am trying to teach Ethan to make his each morning, but it doesn't work when momma doesn't make hers! (If I actually got to sleep in my bed, I might make it!) I like your menu idea. I let the kids choose breakfast too. They would like that. Great list!