Friday, April 27, 2007

7 Favorite Songs

I have looked at Tina's, Heather's and KC's music lists and I still can't come up with mine. I can't narrow it down to 7 songs. I like too many different songs from too many different categories. Now I mostly listen to Hip-hop and rap and Christian music (I know how strange that sounds together). I like a lot of the modern stuff with Justin Timberlake, Gwen Steffani, Nelly and Avril Lavigne. I also like some older stuff with Missy Elliot, Ice Cube and the Beastie Boys. My favorite band that I used to go to concerts for was Third Eye Blind back when I was 20. My all time favorite romantic song is Chris Isaack - Wicked Game. For country I am absolutely in love with Toby Keith. My all time favorite song is I'll Fly Away in any version. That song really puts things in perspective for me and helps me to stop worrying.

Wow, all those different types of music and time periods. Am I mixed up or what?


Heather said...

yea you are pretty mixed up ;p
This was a hard thing, I'm sure I could've put down a million different songs. Thanks for thinking about it though!

KC said...

LOL, No more then I am :P
I love Toby and I use to listen to the Beastie Boys and Tone Loc, but I also liked Willson Phillips and New Kids on the block. LOL and I went to see Chicago and Micheal W Smith in concert(never went to too many concerts) I also love Journey and REO Speedwagon, Like Rebecca St James and Steven Curtus Chapmen, I also like county and stuff like Rascals flats..
Not to mention the ones I had on my list.. so that is why I just named the 7 songs I wouldn't have minded hearing on that day. :)

palmtreefanatic said...

I like toby too! not much into country in general however except that we HAVE to listen to it at work...
it is a hard list! I am so stuck in the 80's era:)

Jake & Jenn said...

you are definately unique! hee hee