Sunday, May 06, 2007

Busy Week!

We had a really busy week at my house and I wasn't able to blog or email. My father came out to visit for the week, Doug was home and working nights (means I have to have dinner ready at 4!), our basement flooded again, I had some medical tests, I attended my first grandparent's day with my father at Garrett's school, had a sump pump put in our basement and set up and worked at Robyn's school fun fair. I thought I would be able to rest yesterday but had to deal with grocery shopping, hair cuts and working the fun fair. I thought I could rest today but realized Doug's scheduled changed again and he will be working days through Friday so I needed to cut the grass and went to church in the morning. I'm resting now, finally. I'll be shopping for Mother's day gifts tomorrow and that is really fun for me so I'm excited. This week should be a little more normal and less stressful.


Jake & Jenn said...

Lets hope its better than last week! Right there with ya! My week seems to be looking that way already!

Heather said...

How nice that you got to spend the week with your dad. Hope it slows down for you! This week will be a crazy one for me. Ahhh! Summer is coming soon, things slow down then, right?hee, hee

Michelle P said...

Fwoo! I thought I had a crazy week! Thank God for kids with early bedtimes!