Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Feel Healthy!!!

The last few weeks have been a little hard on me since I found out some news about my health. I may write about that another time since I won't know more until after May 22rd. Anyway, I was able to start working out again this week and feel so much better. For those of you who don't know I started exercising a little last fall and in January I found out that if I couldn't lower my cholesterol on my own that I would have to start prescription meds. I really took it seriously and changed my diet and focused on my exercise. I was able to significantly lower my cholesterol and since last August I have lost 18lbs and went down two sizes. I am two sizes smaller than I was in high school! That is amazing considering that after each of my pregnancies I was a size 14. The best news is that I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in my life. I found some things along the way that helped me get there and thought I would share them.

1. Stretchy pants are evil. I can eat a lot more when my pants don't get tight.
2. Exercise in the morning. During the course of a day I can talk myself out of exercising.
3. Shower afterwards and put on makeup and do your hair. If you look better you will feel better.
4. If you are going to feel guilty about eating it, don't eat it.
5. I drink a minimum of 32ozs a day of water. I'm not a thirsty person so I have to force it.
6. Force yourself to eat vegetables and fruit. The more you do it, the more you crave it. Different dips help me to get vegetables down.
7. If you are bored find something to do instead of watching T.V. I have become an organizing freak and it keeps me from oversnacking.
8. Snack at least 2 times a day in addition to 3 full meals. It really does keep your metabolism up.
9. Spend time outside. It does wonders for mental health.
10. If you have trouble getting motivated come over to my house. We can go for a walk or you can use my treadmill or exercise bike.


Heather said...

18 lbs?! I didn't know you had 18 lbs to loose!!! You are so tiny! Good for you! You look great! Thanks for sharing your motivation tips too. Those are some great ones!

palmtreefanatic said...

great ones indeed! I think they are all true too!!!
You are very inspiring! and you do look great!

Michelle P said...

Wow! Shawn and I have started a new exercise program and have been working out for the past 3 weeks! I really do feel great and the pounds and inches are starting to slowly come off! Just in time for summer :)
Good tips too!

KC said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I'm with Heather though I didn't think you had 18 pounds that you could have lost.. You do look wonderful though.
LOL I might have to take ya up on #10, I'm so un-motivated LOL :) I do need to get motivated though.. I saw pics of myself in a bathing suit over our spring vacation.. YEAP that is pretty good motivation LOL :P