Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We have been real busy lately. Robyn is playing softball and Garrett is playing teeball and going to karate. Here is a picture of Robyn with her team. That is her all the way to the left. I really need to get some pictures of them playing. They are having a great time and its nice to see them doing so well. Who would have thought that Robyn would be an excellent batter and thrower?? Maybe she found her niche. Garrett has only had one practice so far so it will be fun to see how he does. We know he definitely has the speed!
We have also been revisiting the homeschooling option for the fall. I'm really feeling it would be best for all of us now. I just need to find an extra 8 hours in my day!! Please pray for us as we make this decision. I keep talking myself out of it but when I am praying and going to church it strongly enters my mind and I get excited.


Michelle P said...

I'm so glad that Robyn enjoys softball. And I know how overwhelming it can be to think about homeschooling. We are going for year number 2 this fall. I'll keep you in my prayers.

KC said...

It seems that homeschooling is the way the Lord is leading you, and if it is, then even though you don't feel like you have those 8 hours to do it, the Lord will make it all work out for you.. I'll keep you and the homeschooling in my prayers..
How wonderful that Robyn is enjoying softball.. It is Aubrie's sport thats for sure, though she loves her, her basketball also :)
JUNE!!!! yeah I know it's june but goodness this year is flying by WAY to quickly.. seems like just Yesterday that Aniston and Garret were doing safty town. Now we are in full summer ball mold. Aubrie with her two softball teams, Ryan with his baseball, Aniston with T-ball and Rhett with his trucks and trains playing in the dirt at every ball game LOL..

palmtreefanatic said...

Well if it is for you then do it!
I will tell ya the way adam got badly treated in the past 2 weeks of school kids were so brutal to him calling him names of things that are NOT true! Sitting at lunch by himself made me cry! It made me realize that alone was a good reason to home school... However, I know I have enough to keep on my kids over the summer with "mom school" They need to keep up with their studies, as they can loose 33% of what they learn over the summer!

palmtreefanatic said...

That is a great picture!