Monday, June 23, 2008

Hopping Frogs

Let me tell you how I almost missed Sunday School this week.

I was cramming my work in like I always do Sunday morning when Robyn called from a sleepover. She asked if she could bring home 2 frogs that were just like her African frog in her bowl at home. I said fine since we already had the food and bowl for it.

She gets dropped off 20 minutes later by a neighbor and comes in with not 2 but 6 jumping, not swimming, little frogs. She thought they were the same kind but they were not.

At that point we had 20 minutes until we had to leave for Sunday School. I was trying to wrap up work with a difficult customer that wouldn't let me off the live support and trying to think of where I could put these frogs while were at church.
I finally finished my work and got a container to put them in. As I was trying to poke the air holes I cracked the entire lid. From there I got some Saran wrap and my handy dandy large rubberband that I was happy to get the day before, don't ask.
Anyway it just barely held the little froggys in there but it worked and I did not have any escapees. We even made it to church on time.
Later we had the discussion about setting them free and having a long life vs. keeping them and killing them by not having the right environment and food. This is when we took the pictures.
All in a day of a Mom's life! Isn't it great!!
The funniest part of this whole story is that this was me about 24 years ago. Just ask my parents. I love frogs and collecting things with frogs on them. I mean, I have a frog tattoo and all!!
***Why this blogger won't keep my paragraph returns is beyond me. Please excuse the poor formatting. It worked for the top half. I guess I'll have to stop the blogger editing and add my html in there. Another project for another time......


Alex said...

so what did you decide to do? :)

KC said...

cute frogs.. I think when I started reading your blog you were calling it The Frog Blog or something like that :)
So are you still going to Grace to Church or did you find another church??

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! They are tiny and cute, glad she was eager to agree with letting them go, mine would have probably had a fit!:)
glad you all made it to church hope you weren't to rushed after all that;)

Lori_N said...

Cute little frogs!! I want to know about the large rubber band. I know, I know, we weren't supposed to ask, but now I'm curious :)

Michelle P said...

Those are pretty cute! I am following the "just say no" approach to the begging for pets by my own children!

Robyn's Words said...

Hey that's me in the picture!:)