Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goodbye P.J.

We have had a rough couple of days here. P.J. came out here almost 3 weeks ago. The first week he was a the perfect dog and played with the kids and ignored Taffy when she wanted to play, which was always.

After the first week Garrett was playing with P.J. he started growling and ended up biting Garrett and he had a large scratch from under his to the bottom of his nose that was put there by P.J.' s teeth. We figured Garrett might have been rough with him. We gave Garrett a warning and gave P.J. another chance. The next day Garrett was walking around eating turkey (he shouldn't have been doing this) and P.J. tried to steal it from him and bit his finger.

A few days later Taffy started "playing" with P.J. It was tough to tell if he was enjoying it or not. I know that Taffy completely intended to play because that is all she does. P.J. was showing his teeth a lot and starting to bark at Taffy.

On Thursday the kids came and told me that the sink in the bathroom upstairs was clogged. I went up to look and there was toilet paper clogged in the sink and of course it had broken in to a ton of little pieces. Upon further investigation I saw large drops of blood behind the faucet then noticed pale watered-down blood across the counter. When I asked the kids about the blood Garrett told me that he was bitten again by P.J. and didn't want me to find out because he knew I would get rid of the dog. It must have happened inside his nose somewhere because I couldn't find a cut.

Later the same day Taffy and P.J. were "playing" and Taffy ended up with an open cut under her eye from P.J.

We knew we had to get rid of P.J. so I called the store where I got him. I had thought they got him from the county spca but they had actually got him from the city pound and the store didn't have the room to take him back until another one was adopted. They suggested some training techniques and told me I could take him to a forgotton shelter if I couldn't keep him but I would have to lie and say I found him as a stray which we refused to do.

On Friday Doug took P.J. to the spca. He explained the situation and told him what a great dog he would be for someone without young kids. They said that since he bit someone he had to be quarantined at home for 10 days and couldn't take him until the 26th.

After being home for 2 hours Doug receives a call from the pet store and said they never told us to take him to the spca and that they may put him to sleep. Here the owner had a friend at the spca and they all, including the dog warden knew P.J. which I find a little strange. They arranged for P.J. to go back to the pet store last night.

We are all a little sad but did what we had to do. I know Garrett is used to playing a little rough because Taffy is used to it and we had her since she was 7 weeks old and she is now only 2. P.J. was 5 and just wasn't into that. We talked to Garrett about how to handle other dogs. I just couldn't take the chance of something more serious happening.

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palmtreefanatic said...

That was really something! I often thought Maddie would be a problem as she came from a family with only 1 girl and she is nearly 18 so she was much older when they got her...hmmmm
that is very scary!
Glad everyone is ok! Most times I am glad to have a big wimpy dog;)

Alex said...

Aw, I am glad that Garrett didn't get seriously hurt. I think it was a good thing to get rid of PJ.

Michelle P said...

Parents have to be the bad guys sometimes, but you did the right thing. Our kids want a dog so bad, but I think we need to wait a little while.