Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A New Addition To The Family!!!

Robyn and I had a fun day at the mall scheduled on Saturday. After some shopping and snacking we decided to go browse the pet store. In there they had 3 dogs that were rescued by the County SPCA. I saw one and I just melted. After calling Doug from the store I decided to bring him home. Aren't Robyn and I dangerous when we are out together? Even Taffy isn't allowed to ride in our new vehicle but our new dog P.J. did.

He is a 5 year old male lab mix that is all up-to-date on shots and neutered. He is housebroken and great with kids. That is what they told me at the store........ We brought him home and he has been a perfect angel. I have never seen a dog behave so well. He has to be in the same room with me at all times and he is so quiet and calm. He doesn't jump and we even had visitors today. I was swimming in the pool and he didn't even try to jump in but he did come over to kiss me when I went to the edge. He is very lovable but he does have a freaky eye color.
Taffy is a little unsure about this. She keeps going up to P.J. to start trouble but he just ignores her and she goes away. She is so confused and doesn't understand why a dog won't play all day long.
I had to wait until today to post this so my parents wouldn't see it. They are on their way to my house as I type. I didn't want to hear the whole what was I thinking speech any earlier than I have to.
How do you like his name Alex??? Make sure you tell hubby about it!


Michelle P said...

Love the new addition. Shawn has had weak moments at the Animal shelter in the past,too, but never enough nerve. Check our blog for our new addition!

KC said...

Congrats on your new addition.. he is a cutie.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! congrats!

Lori_N said...

What a cute glad it's working out. I hope he's good for Taffy and hopefully he will settle her down :)

Alex said...

OMG, I can't believe you got another dog, that's awesome! And he's so cute! BJ will get a kick out of his name. What does PJ stand for?

Anonymous said...

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