Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Goals

After an emotionally tiring week I've decided to re-evaluate some areas of my life and make changes. I have been getting worn down by the constant demands of my children along with endless activities and work. I have decided to shift some priorities around to keep my sanity and to keep peace at home.

I'm at a point in my life where I just want things as simple and relaxed as possible. I really feel too young to be thinking like this but I can't help it so here are the areas I'm working on.

**I'm going to stop listening to any music other than Christian. For those of you that know me this is a huge step and a bit extreme. I love music but I am getting so sick of the lyrics and want more meaning. This is really having a huge, negative impact on our youth and I don't think most people realize this. I know, I sound like a mom from the fifties talking about rock and roll.

I feel like there is always so much action and chaos in my mind and Christian music really inspires me and clears my head. As I'm going through my tasks with my iPod I feel a magical peace that helps me to tune out negative thoughts and worries.

**I'm going to make some minor changes to my diet. I generally eat healthy but I'm going to cut out more sugar (Cheerios instead of Honey Nut Cheerios) and eat more fruits and vegetables.

I'm also cutting out the carbonated, flavored water that I've been drinking. I have switched to one Crystal Light Mental Energy Flavored Packet a day, in the morning, and will drink regular water and milk the rest the day. This sounds like a minor switch but I'm pickier about what I eat while drinking water.

**I'm going to get back to regular exercise. This summer I've been relying on swimming in the pool but I'm not getting a concentrated workout. I really need the structure of the treadmill to exercise. To me there is nothing better than getting on the treadmill and tuning out the world. I put on the iPod and sing and dance while I'm running or walking (its a sight to see). I come up with my best ideas during this time.

It seems like injuries, sicknesses and activities keep getting in the way of this time but I'm not going to let it happen anymore. I'm going to make it a priority.

Taking care of myself in these minor ways will help me to be more relaxed around my family. I've been working so hard to make sure my kids were having a fun summer that I haven't had time for myself. Do you believe I haven't had a moment alone since June 5th?

The good thing is that football and cheerleading have started. Garrett and Doug (he's one of the football coaches) go on two nights and Robyn goes on three nights. That means two nights a week for 2 hours I'll be completely alone. When school starts at the end of August Doug and I will have Fridays completely alone. I can't wait!!

Since I've typed all this out I expect you to keep me accountable for the goals that I have set up!!


Michelle P said...

Sounds like some good goals, Stacey. Better to do it now than when physical problems start rearing their ugly head. Have you ever thought about taking probiotics? Good luck with your new goals!!

Heather said...

Wow, a bunch of little changes, but one big change. Good luck with your new goals. They are good ones!

I do better when I put things out there too. You get more serious about them.

Alex said...

sounds like someone needs a girls' night out!!!!

slam jams here we come!

seriously, we need a GNO.