Saturday, March 08, 2008

Buried In Snow!!

Here are pictures from our latest snow. This storm was much more interesting since the city is out of salt and they are not plowing the roads. Doug is scheduled to work tomorrow but we aren't sure if he is going to attempt it or not. He has a great 4X4 but they can only do so much in over a foot of snow on the road and with snow drifts in different areas


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! That is a terrific amount of snow!
If that were our case I would not have had to stress myself going into work yesterday morning! Though coming home was much worse!
This weather is no doubt crazy!!!
You took some great photos!

Alex said...

Ah, what a familiar site. haha!! I think they are saying the area got 15-20". Did the kids get to go out and play?

KC said...

Great snow pics.. I just finished posting mine. They are in my weekend recap post. It was crazy..
My cousins husband works for the county there and he normally always gets Overtime when it snows. I guess not this time huh??
They never did plow either of my roads yesterday(Saturday), we couldn't get out if we wanted too.

Michelle P said...

Yeah, we got a good 18 in. here, also! We were snowed into church for 3 days.

The Edwards said...

Great SNOW pics! I was crazy here with kids, kids, kids, and more KIDS. We sure did love playing outside in it! HOW are you guys doing?