Sunday, March 02, 2008

Election Time

I am so upset over this entire election situation. I have been wanting to talk about this for some time now but I get so upset about it I can feel my blood pressure rising. Is anyone brave enough to discuss their feelings on this one??

I personally feel that I can't trust any of the candidates. Until now I couldn't even decide on the lesser of the two evils on the Democrat side. I'm a hard core Republican and I am scared for this nation right now.

Robyn is furious at the possibility of a female president. She really wanted to be the first. When I was homeschooling her at 4 years old I watched the debates with her and she became very interested in politics. I'm excited that she has already asked to watch the debates in the fall. I just wonder how much she understands at this point.


Alex said...

I'm embarrassed to admit this is the first year I've actually paid close attention and researched the candidates and watched the debates. I'm pretty confident in who I've chosen to vote for. I used to think I was a Republican, but a few years ago I discovered I am a Democrat. Actually, more of an Independent, but I tend to have more Democratic beliefs.

Regardless of who wins, I just hope they can get this country back in shape and do something about the economy.

palmtreefanatic said...

I am at a loss I must say, it is going to be VERY interesting how it ends up! I pray God can change things around, quicker the better!

Heather said...

I think that is awesome that Robyn was bothered by the possibility of a woman president. I am rooting for Robyn! Politics at such a young age is great! Most kids don't even know who our president is! I get more frustrated with each election year. Bill asked if there even was a republican party in this race because all you hear about is the democratic canidates! I am curious to see how it goes as the year goes on..

Michelle P said...

Scary subject for me, too! I feel like the man I would vote for is not going to make it past primary time. The lines have never been so blurred for me as they are this year. I know that Hillary is a no for me, personally, but I'm not so sure she's gonna be able to stick it out much longer. Tomorrow will be a good indicator! I'm paying attention to the debates more than ever, as well. So many many opinions.

KC said...

I agree with you.. there isn't anyone really worth voting for.. I don't like either of the Democrates but I normally vote Republican anyways.
I did vote today, but like Michelle, I'm pretty sure who I voted for won't make it past the primary

The Edwards said...

I'm embarrassed to admit I did not vote! but I do agree with alex

Regardless of who wins, I just hope they can get this country back in shape and do something about the economy. HANDOUT a little more LOVE!!!!!!!! go MOPS, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts