Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Famous!!!

Everyday when I start working its 5:30am so I'm always around to watch the news on the Daily Buzz from 6am - 8am. This is my favorite news show because it covers the biggest news stories but also has a fun edge to it. Anyway, they have a section where you can submit your weather pictures and I sent some in last week of the earlier snow storm. They actually put them on there today!! It was so weird to see my name and pictures on the news!!! I'm a celebrity, no really I'm just a dork that has nothing better to do, then I blog about it :)


palmtreefanatic said...

how cool! I must agree those agree great pics!

The Edwards said...

WOW, HOW cool! I also must agree, great pics!

KC said...

LOL, how exciting..