Thursday, September 18, 2008

Being Observant

I feel like I'm always running around in chaos. Today I decided to do my grocery shopping in the morning. I put the kids on the bus and started the mad dash to get it done so I could get back to work. I usually zoom around tuning everything out around me which I know isn't good.

Today I decided to be more observant. While I'm checking out I notice an elderly man starting to bag my groceries. It makes me feel terrible that someone that age is doing that for me. I'm young, I'm strong, I can do that! I start to notice that all the baggers are elderly and it makes me really sad. Is this what America has to look forward to? Elderly people continuing to work, not always because they are bored, but because they are losing their pension, investments and social security.

The elderly man finished bagging my groceries and asked me if I wanted the Load N' Go option. I certainly had to say no to that. At least they didn't put him the child care area of the store, that would have been a real punishment :), just kidding of course.

If you have elderly neighbors and relatives please continue to love them and look out for them. As tough as things are for us right now, they may be even tougher for them.


Michelle P said...

You are very observant! My grandaddy had to work a job after retirement because he couldn't afford his meds. He was a veteran and a former partner in an accounting firm. He could only make a certain amount, though or they would cut off his social security for making too much. Sad, huh?

Alex said...

I always think of this when I see older people working at Wal-mart or McDonald's. They should be traveling around the country in an RV seeing the sites, for Pete's sake, not working!

KC said...

Stacy I love the new look of the blog.. but it has been forever since you wrote a post.. so to help you out.. I tagged you ;P
don't worry it's an easy tag..
you can find it in my Some Friday Fun post and it's the 2nd tag down. have fun