Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Football/Cheerleading Begins!

Cheerleading and football have begun in our household. We are at cheerleading and football practices 3 nights a week and they each have a game on Saturday. Robyn and Garrett's games have been at the same time at different locations so I haven't seen one of Garrett's games yet but I will the next few Saturdays.

Doug is the coach for Garrett's flag football team and that has been really fun to watch. He has far more patience than I. I think he is just giddy because he truly loves football and its favorite time of year.

Here are some pictures of Robyn. I hope to get some of Garrett this week.


KC said...

So so cute.. Aubrie loved cheerleading when she did it but liked playing her sports more so gave it up.. I do however think if things keep going the way they have been that Aniston is going to like cheerleading much more then playing in the sports.
Robyn looks so cute in her cheer outfit.

Alex said...

OMG, Robyn looks so grown up!

Michelle P said...

She does look very grown up! And I love your new background!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow!she looks great!
Love your new blog look!