Monday, September 15, 2008

Wind Storm

I often think about things that I miss from places that I've lived in the past. On Sunday night I found something that is great about living in our current city. We received an automated phone call telling us that we had a Code Red for Wind and we were not supposed to leave the house or drive if possible. The school district also has the phone set up this way to let us know if there will be a school closing or early dismissal. I love this! I love how they can contact the entire community instantly.

Our wind storm was really something to watch. This definitely goes down as a first for me. The grill went rolling across our deck, our outdoor toy box was picked up and thrown across the yard and the top of our Rubbermaid mailbox was ripped off. Our neighbor next door just had a fence put in last week and part of that was taken down. I am thrilled that we still have the solar cover on the pool. We lost power for about 3 hours and we were the lucky ones.

There were parts of OH where trees fell on homes and cars. I have to tell you with the wind we saw last night I can't imagine what everyone has been going through down south with the Hurricanes. Please keep them in prayer.


Michelle P said...

We were lucky, too. Our damage was minimal, but our church and some of our friends are still without power, schools were still on a delay today. I was wondering if you all got hit hard. So glad your home wasn't damaged!

Alex said...

You got a phone call? All Norwalk got was a horribly-written after story in the Reflector. :)

I am glad you guys didn't have too bad of damage. I did some traveling on Monday to southeast Ohio and saw a LOT of huge trees down.

My aunt lives in Baton Rouge and she said that the Hurricane damage down there for her wasn't horrible, but in some places it was bad.