Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Big Announcement

I just realized that I have not talked to many people in the last few weeks. Doug has accepted a promotion from a locomotive electrician to a mechanical supervisor for Norfolk Southern. This means that from January to June he will be traveling a lot and taking lots of classes. Its not as bad as the initial training that was 7 weeks straight. This time other than the 3 weeks in the beginning it will be every other week for traveling to Norfolk, VA, McDonough, GA and Atlanta, GA. At the end of June he will complete the training and will be assigned to a shop. That is where most of the fun comes in. We have no idea where we will be moving. Norfolk Southern is in 22 different states and I believe there are 256 shops. Now while Doug is traveling and studying I get to prepare the house so we can sell it. Its hard to believe we are going to have to sell it, I really didn't think we were going to move again. I'm sad that I'll be leaving so many family and friends but I think its an exciting change. The kids are more excited than I thought. I expected the drama from Robyn with leaving her relatives and friends from school but she seems happy about it. The kids want a site that is closer to Disney World. I don't want to get a location in my mind because that is where we won't be sent. :)


Heather said...

Stacey! How exciting to get a change, but we will definetely miss you!! He won't be transferred until after June?

Missy said...

SNIFFLE SNIFFLE!!! I'm so sad! But I am happy for you guys! Lets make the best of the next 6 mos!

Rachel said...

If you leave you must keep up with your blog so we can follow you guys. Happy New Year!