Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Holidays Are Over

We had a great time during the holidays. It was nice and relaxing and it brought out the best of the kids. Garrett even lets Robyn use his train table for her Polly Pocket Rockin' Theme Park. Nothing eventful, just a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home then a party at my in-laws house at night. It was a lot of fun!
After Christmas we started doing a lot of work on the house since we got Lowe's gift cards. We'll have this house in great shape by the time we have to sell it.
I'm looking forward to the new year. Doug starts his training on the 8th and I think he is really going to enjoy this position. Robyn will be turning 7 this month and has just signed up to audition for her school variety show. Garrett is finally starting to eat better and starting to grow. I'm thinking about a completely different career for when Garrett starts kindergarten in the fall and I'm planning for that.
I love the beginning of a new year and the all the possibilities!


palmtreefanatic said...

Career? what do you have in mind? Do tell! I can't believe you didn't know I had a Blog! Well I write about everyday so you will have lots of reading to catch up on:) Glad to hear Christmas was good! Happy New Year!

Heather said...

All these new things in your life this next year. Great that you have such a positive attitude about it all! Great that your Holidays went well, Good luck with getting your house ready!!

KC said...

Glad you had such a great christmas. This new year seems to hold alot of exciting stuff for you. Love the photo of the kids.:)

Rachel said...

Happy New Year Stacey!! Hope you're there on tuesday!