Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year, New Challenges

I have been keeping a lot of this to myself but I figured it was time for me to share some of the things I have been working on and getting ready to face in the next year.

As I talked about earlier, we will probably be moving around July and that has started me thinking about my future. First, Garrett is scheduled to start Kindergarten in September so I would be eligible to work. Second, we have no idea where we will be moving but I wanted to think about a career change that would work anywhere we would move.

Doug will be starting his training tomorrow which means he will be going away to Georgia and Virginia for a week here and there until June. I decided that during that time I will write a book tenatively titled "Parents Leaving Children Behind." This book will defend educational professionals against further blame or responsibilities until parents start preparing their children for school and getting involved with their basic needs (nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.). This book will discuss ways to prepare your child for school and how to build a strong foundation. I am in research mode now and collecting research statistics from a number of resources.

With regards to my working when school starts in the fall I decided to attain my personal trainer certification. I spent months and years in high school going through physical therapy for my knees and looking back, I realized how much I love that environment and the impact it can have on people. I began thinking that if I had all the money in the world I would open a gym. I will start on a much smaller scale of course. Since we will be moving a few times in the next 10 years I am planning on homeschooling again. With this taking up my days I thought of a great way to incorporate both plans. I will start an after school program wherever we move. It will focus on building a healthy lifestyle. I would like to rent a gym and greet the kids each day with a healthy snack and plenty of fun games that will show them that taking care of your body can be fun. I thought this would be very helpful to working parents especially when adolescent obesity is on the rise. I could also use this opportunity to help build a support system for the kids and witness to them. This would tie in well with the homeschooling because my kids would learn this also and interact with plenty of kids each day. I would also like to move into training people as my schedule permits. I am working on the financing for the certification package now.

Sorry if I'm rambling now. I feel like my head is just filled with ideas now and I can't wait to reach my goals.

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palmtreefanatic said...

wow! sounds like some GREAT goals! You sound so ambitious! Good for you! forget the kids I think it sounds great for adults! I think I need to join your club:) you got some great ideas going on there!