Thursday, January 04, 2007

Things Are Never Dull!

Yesterday when Robyn came home from school I was starting to look through her backpack when she came up to me with a box. She said she had something to show me and was holding out a pretty gold box VERY close to my face. I was expecting a cute craft from school or a hand made gift from a friend. It turned out to be a dead fish! I was thrilled of course. This was the first time that I learned she had a classroom fish. Her teacher was told that she was not allowed to hold a funeral so Robyn asked if she could take it home and have one.
We all marched out to the backyard and said a few words about Blueberry. Garrett prayed that Blueberry wouldn't die but Robyn quickly reminded him that "he's dead already." We buried him under a pine tree. Robyn spent the next 20 minutes crying over her homework.
I was sure to thank her teacher for the dead fish when I went in to help today.


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness....we usually flush our dead fish! lol...actually I howled!!!!

KC said...

LOL LOL LOL.. OH my thank you teacher LOL.. I'm with Rachel we normally flush our dead fish also. That was too funny.

Jake & Jenn said...

At least you COULD flush the fish! Ours was so big from eating the turtle food- I was afraid!
Love the Diva Boots!