Friday, November 09, 2007

Busy Week

Wow, not only did we move in a week ago today but we were lucky enough to have Grandpa Wolfgang come out for a visit earlier this week. He brought out his newer corvette (he also has a 1969) and came to see the new house and spend time with us. As you can see the kids intoduced him to xBox. My dad and Doug have been working on house projects all day while my sister-in-law kidnapped me and took me to the mall. I love that mall and I'm thinking about going back tonight or tomorrow for some glow in the dark miniature golf with the family. The kids have been wanting to use their money to buy some build-a-bear clothes which is also at the mall. The mall is only 10 minutes away!!!!


Lori_N said...

Sounds like everything and everyone is doing well. Wow..10 minutes away, how wonderful. Glow in the dark golf sounds interesting.

Alex said... likes Grampy Wolfgang's car :)

And it sounds like you are all settled in and getting comfy with your surroundings. Just don't forget us back here in tiny Norwalk :)

palmtreefanatic said...

sounds fabulous! we did that glow in the dark golf it is fun!