Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sexiest Man Alive??

I heard today that Matt Damon was the sexiest man alive. My first thought was "really"? I thought it would be someone that could make a dirty looking pirate sexy, like Johnny Depp, or someone that can dance smooth, like LeBron James in a commercial last year. After thinking about it, I changed my mind. What could be sexier than a man in the suburbs that loves his wife, helps to raise his children and stays away from the tabloids?


Alex said...

Yeah, you know Matt Damon doesn't so much float my boat. I do like that he lives in the 'burbs and all that, but he's not 'sexy' to me. Now David Beckham -- he's sexiness to the max (thought I'd go a little '80s there) :)

Lori_N said...

I was thinking "really" too. How do they decide that?

Heather said...

I have to totally agree as my hubby has often been told he looks like Matt Damon. So I do think he is pretty sexy and you know being a good dad can be pretty darn sexy:) (How my standards have changed. hee, hee)