Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Decorations

This weekend we decided to decorate for Christmas. I wanted to put more boxes in the attic and couldn't do that until we took the Christmas tree out so I figured why not just decorate a week early? As you can see I haven't attempted painting the living room yet. That is going to be an overwhelming task because that orange textured paint goes through the upstairs hallway, half the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. All the rooms kind of flow together so I'm not sure how I'm going to paint yet and what colors to do. My philosophy is to paint and buy furniture to match. Doug wants to buy the furniture then match the paint.

This has really gotten me in the Christmas mood and I'm downloading Christmas music as we speak onto my iPod. When Garrett gets on the bus I'm getting some Christmas shopping done today.

When Doug gets done work today we have an appointment to schedule our Disney World trip with a travel agent. You just can not understand how excited he is!!! This has been his world for the last year. He is reading the Birnbaum's Disney book constantly and everytime Garrett grows he checks the books again to see what rides he can go on.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! you do not waste time! The place looks GREAT!!! I plan to get my stuff out this week!

KC said...

You are on the ball girl.. I need to get my tree up this weekend.. OH MY GOODNESS I don't think I mentioned on my blog.. that Barry found our lights that he was sure was taken from the garage.. LOL.. this has made my whole week.. So he started hanging the outside lights.. but the inside has been in party mode so after Thanksgiving I'll get in Christmas mode.
Hey I'm coming out that way tomorrow. My kids have dentist appointments in the town by you that starts with a M. LOL. I told them that afterwards we can get dinner at the "big Mcdonalds" up the road from your house.

Heather said...

The tree looks great! I am hoping that we will find time Friday to put our tree up. We won't be home Sat or Sunday so I am stressing just a bit as I wanted to shop Friday too. The tree has to go up this weekend!! I am jealous of all the shopping you have right there close to you. Hope you got some accomplished. When are you guys going to Disney??

Shaunda said...

Looks great!