Wednesday, January 09, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me Meme

I been tagged not once but TWICE thanks to KC and Tina. This is difficult, I don't really want everyone to know how weird I am. Here are 7 Weird things about me:

1. I hate for anyone, including Doug to touch my pillow. It kills me to sleep away from home without my pillow but I don't take mine anywhere because I don't want it to get dirty. If I had the time and energy I would put a new pillowcase on each day. I even have to flip my pillow each night before I sleep on it so I'm not sleeping on the same side each night. I know, really strange. Sometimes Doug will mess with me and flip it to confuse me and it drives me nuts. I started flipping his pillow in the morning when I make the bed and he doesn't know about it.

2. I dance every morning while I'm doing dishes and making lunches. Garrett is always entertained and dances along but Robyn just gets embarrassed and thinks I'm a dork. How can you be embarrassed when its just family??

3. I absolutely have to snack on popcorn at night and when I have to work I just stick my face in the bowl and use my tongue to get the popcorn out so I don't get my laptop greasy. I'm lucky Doug hasn't taken a video of this yet.

4. I have to wear shoes or slippers around the house at all times. My floor never seems clean enough for me and I don't want my socks or feet to get dirty. I can't bear to stand on a crumb. This is really bad when you see it in writing. I am getting more neat freakish as I get older. Hopefully working will change this. I did try to walk around in my socks today but it only lasted 10 minutes.

5. Sometimes I have a 10pm spaz out. I get really hyper and start picking on Doug and jumping around. It drives him crazy because we usually go to sleep at 10pm. I've been better since I cut back on candy and caffeine but it still happens sometimes for no reason.

6. I like to hide things from the kids and Doug and watch them look for it. I don't know why I mess with everyone but it really makes me giggle.

7. Every New Year's Day I go around to everyone in the family pointing out what they haven't done since last year like bathing or brushing their hair or teeth. I also like to announce that everything they do is the first time they are doing it in the new year. By the end of the day I'm even annoyed with myself but its fun while it lasts and I'm creating memories, right?

Wow after seeing this list typed out I feel so exposed! I'm thinking OCD may be a problem. I'm happy though so it doesn't matter.


palmtreefanatic said...

oh thanks for playing along! I know what you mean feeling exposed!
I can relate a bit to the pillow thing, I HATE a warm pillow! I am flipping mine all night long and when it is hot out I am even known to put mine in the chest freezer for an instant cool treat! Though it doesn't last!

I too enjoy popcorn for a snack and I at times get that incredible craziness late at night!
And I get more then irritated when there are crumbs on the floor! I HATE stepping on them too!!

Your not so weird at all;)

Alex said...

haha!! you are so much fun! :)

Heather said...

Yea, I would say those are weird things. hee. hee I am still thinking about 7 things about me. I asked my dh and he just said everything is weird. hee, hee. Thanks for exposing yourself!

KC said...

LOL LOL, OH MY GOODNESS... this had to be the best post I have read today. you might feel exposed.. but I loved getting to know you like this.. It is so much fun and you sound like a blast.. hidding things from your family LOL that just cracks me up to no end.. Ya goof.. I love it.

Shaunda said...

I would say those are weird things. BUT, I love getting to know you more! YoU aRe To FuNnY!