Monday, January 21, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I'm not only blogging, but I'm a day ahead. I can't wait to see how long this lasts. Anyway, I'm sitting here at the Young Chef's Academy where Robyn is taking a weekly cooking class and I have learned how to pirate internet connections with my laptop named Chip. I know I'm such a dork.

Our Tackle it Tuesday for the week will involve Home Depot. We were distracted by the holidays and birthdays but now we are going to start working on the house. We made up a list of things that we need for small projects so we are going to pick some of them up tomorrow. Here are some of the things we are going to do, hopefully, in the next month.

  • Scrap off old tile on laundry room floor and put new flooring down
  • Replace utility tub in laundry room
  • Repair leaky toilet noise ( I don't know what this involves but luckily Doug does)
  • Install new faucet in utility tub
  • Replace some outlets that are not holding plugs well
  • Paint almost every room in the house (I hate orange!!!!!!)
  • Replace sink faucet in master bath

Wow after looking at this list I am being really optimistic. Okay maybe two months.


~Tyra~ said...

You sure do have a big list, hope you get it all done!

Karen said...

Wow, I hope you can get all that done. They sound like good winter projects. You will want to be outside in the summer.

Spice said...

Good luck with your list!!!

Heart of Wisdom said...

You seen very energized. Pass some this way. IMHO, putting in a floor is way beyond Tackle Tuesday ;)

I have a new homemaking blog

Michelle P said...

I must say I love your Steve Miller Band song! That's my favorite! I actually stayed on your blog longer, just to hear the whole song:)

Lynne said...

You might win the prize for the BIGGEST tackle!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

That's a big list, just tackle one at a time and each thing done will give you such a sense of accomplishment. :) Good luck!

palmtreefanatic said...

This is very inspiring!
I have been loving the show on HGTV Design on a Dime!
Inspired by that I got some great Ideas to give Jelena a very hip room!