Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here's a meme!

I've been tagged by Tina!

Accent - I don't have one
I don’t drink - pop anymore unless its at a restaurant (Doug and I gave it up 3 weeks ago)
Chore I hate - scrubbing toilets and tubs
Pets - Taffy-yellow lab, African frog-Lava Girl, Beta fish-Muscles
Essential Electronics - My computer, digital camera, iPod
Perfume - Clinique Happy in Bloom
Gold or silver - I love both but not at the same time
Insomnia - Nothing keeps me awake, I can sleep at any given moment-its a talent!
Job Title - mom, house manager hopefully a new job title soon
Most Admired Trait - honesty
Kids -1 girl, 1 boy
Phobia - Large waves and tornadoes
Religion - Baptist
Siblings - 1 Sister
Time I wake up - between 5:30-6:30am
Unusual talent/skill - wiggle my ears, awesome tennis player even after 16 years
Vegetable I refuse to eat -none
Worst habit - letting myself get stressed out when I know I have no control over a situation
X-rays - on my wrists- I sprained one in 2nd grade and the other in 4th grade
My favorite meal - Biscuits, fried boneless chicken, french fries, salad and any kind of dessert


palmtreefanatic said...

thanks for playing! That was fun! Good answers;)

Alex said...

That was nice learning more about you! I completed my list, too :)

KC said...

That was a great list..
I"m sorry I'm just not commenting.. I have been so busy this week I haven't had time to visit blogs.