Saturday, August 04, 2007

Save the Earth!

The other day Robyn decided that she wanted to do something to save the earth. She suggested making posters and putting them around town. I informed her that it would be using gas and paper which would not be conserving. Maybe I shouldn't have said that but its the truth. Anyway, she decided to do a blog about it and emailed her whole family about it. Her blog is at Yesterday she made some posters and used recycled products to do it. She is now standing in front of our house telling people to help the earth when they walk by. She has such a desire to help and absolutely loves science and I hope it helps her to find a fulfilling career.
I am a little amused because my grandmother was very conservative and into nature. I started out as an environmental science major then moved to geology. I was a member of the Earth club at college and participated in lots of activities to help the environment. My problem in college was that no matter what we did to help there was always seemed to be a level of hypocrisy. I hope together Robyn and I can find a good way to help the environment and spread the word. We just want to take care of what God has given us and to show him that we appreciate it!
In school last year Robyn's teacher played music while they did some work and now her favorite song is Big Yellow Taxi and she says its by Tony Orlando. I didn't find that one but I found the Counting Crows version which I like. That is the song that is playing now.


palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! Thats pretty awesome!
And her blog is superb!
Go Robyn!

Robyn's Words said...

THAT'S ME! I love that picture.

KC said...

how cool
Princess has been asking me if she could start a blog.