Sunday, August 19, 2007

Menu Monday

I'm on the ball this week! Here it is Sunday and I made up my menu yesterday and even bought all the groceries already. I guess I'm getting back to my school year schedule. I've been looking up new recipes too and that is getting me motivated. We are making a lot of changes in our household, we are no longer drinking soda, we are eating more vegetables and we are snacking less. Doug is doing this to lose weight and I'm doing this to get more energy and it seems to be working so far. I find myself craving water which never used to happen. I think when I was drinking soda, even diet soda, that it made me want to snack more often and I would snack until my can was empty. Anyway, here is the menu:
Vegetarian Stir Fry
Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Rice
Sloppy Joes and corn on the cob
Rice and Chicken Wraps
Chicken and Dumplings
Doug has vacation this week and its our anniversary so I don't know how often I'll be blogging so I figured it would be a good time to fit this in. We are planning some fun days like going to the beach, the zoo, buying school clothes, playing tennis, going to Garrett's kindergarten picnic and hopefully signing paperwork on the new house as long as that drama is over with.
Before I go I must know if this type of thing happens to anyone else or just me. Yesterday we had our garage sale and were excited to have some extra cash. We went to Walmart to fill my prescription and buy groceries. We were ready to check out and tried to pick up my prescription before doing so. It turns out that they refused to refill my prescription because it is maintence medicine (plavix-blood thinner) even though for me its just for a few months until I adjust to my cardioseal. I had it refilled 2 times without any problems and had two refills left and of course just finished the 2nd bottle. They say to call the insurance company. I get upset because I had taken my last pill and its a Saturday and figure we couldn't get any calls in until Monday. This medicine prevents me from having a stroke until I heal. Anyway, we proceed to the check out line and decide to do self checkout because we have lots of quarters and ones that we want to get rid of from the garage sale. We start getting our items on the belt and for some reason it doesn't stop and keeps squishing our groceries. We deal with it because the other line was broken. Doug starts scanning things and it keeps double scanning so the cashier in charge has to keep coming over so I take over. The kids are in the arcade area so I'm trying to keep an eye on them, scan the groceries while the belt contines to squish and Doug decides that it would be the perfect time to call the prescription insurance company. Picture this now I'm scanning a large load and putting in all quarters and ones while a large line forms behind me, the kids are running around the arcade and Doug is asking me for a pen. Is that crazy or what? Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else or am I just lucky??? Anyway it turns out that my prescription company will send us a two month supply at regular price when the doctor calls them but I have to pay the full price for 18 pills ($70) to cover me until I get it. What a big part of our profit to lose. How disappointing! I tried to talk Doug out of getting it or just taking it every other day but he just wouldn't let me take the chance. What a frustrating day!!!! As frustrating as that was I just had to laugh at the situation. For some reason God loves to test me and at least I can recognize this now and keep moving on!


palmtreefanatic said...

aaah yes! sounds like my dramatic life! I go through this stuff DAILY:)
I guess it gets better or you learn better to deal with it;)

So how did the garage sale go? was it worth it? i am wondering if I want to pull one off last min this friday? hmmmm
decisions decisions...

Well I am thoroughly impressed that you posted your menu for the week! I will do mine later today as well! I am ready too;)
We have been eating pretty healthy this way too! amazing how good it feels!

Frdgrl27 said...

YES YES YES! I really don't take them with me to get groceries anymore! This is one of the many reasons I am looking forward to SCHOOL!!! Hang in there!

Lori_N said...

Oh my, I'm exhausted just by reading your blog. What a tough day that was. I'm so proud of you for laughing in the end and taking it in stride...good for you!!

Alex said...

Yikes! What a day! I have a lot of problems with the self-scanner too -- either it won't take my coupon or something doesn't ring up right.