Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen / 100th Post!

Today will make my 100th post!!! I decided my list for this week would be 13 things I could record to make it possible for me to be silent through the day. Don't you feel like you repeat yourself all day long?
1. Get off your sister/get off the dog
2. Leave the dog alone
3. Stop crying (I have no patience for crying unnecessarily)
4. Stay in your seat and eat your food
5. Your time is up (Computer, TV, XBox)
6. Go to your room
7. I don't know where your shoes are, I haven't worn them today
8. If you put it where it belonged you wouldn't have to look for it
9. Make your bed
10. Its a nice day, play outside
11. How can you be bored with a room full of toys
12. Give me a hug
13. I love you (I showed Robyn the list and she agreed with everything except she says that I say I love you more than 13 times a day. That makes me very happy that she noticed.)


Lori_N said...

LOVE YOUR LIST!!! I bet you could go past 13 real easy.

100th post...awesome! Happy T13!!

Heather said...

What a funny post! I Love it! How sweet that Robyn noticed the love:)

How is it I still have not made it to 100 posts on either blog yet?? I think I am close though on both which would technically be 200th anyways, congrats fellow blogger!

palmtreefanatic said...

Happy 100th!!!
Great TT!

KC said...

Happy 100th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great List.. I'm sure I could use your recording(except we don't have a dog LOL)
I could add to it though. "Little Man NO" "Little Man Stop that"
"Little Man Get down" LOL see my theme. Little Man.. I tell ya, that boy is a turkey.. he will be the one to make me go grey

Michelle P said...

Happy 100th!! One of my #1 most heard sayings in our house is, "Caleb, do you need to go potty?"