Monday, July 23, 2007

1st iPod Music Monday

I'm having trouble getting into menu monday since I don't like to think about cooking in the summer. I decided that each Monday I would rather reveal 6 songs from my iPod. I have weird tastes and like all kinds of music so I thought this would be fun. I have to let you know first that music is my downfall as a Christian. Its frustrating for me because I can like the overall sound but don't always agree with the words or actions. These are in no particular order or style. I thought about grouping them but thought it would be more fun for them to be random. Here is the first list:

Let Me Clear My Throat: DJ Kool
These bring back memories of dancing at the clubs when I turned 21.
Where It's At: Beck
This is just a fun song that I remember from high school.
Smile: Lily Allen
This is a newer song that I just love. I'm sad to say that I can relate to her evilness. Unfortunately I can't even put the whole song on here because she throws out the fbomb right away. Why do they have to ruin songs that way?
Starry-Eyed Surprise: Paul Oakenfold
This is just a fun relaxing song. I can't even remember when this one came out.
Semi-Charmed Life: Third Eye Blind
I could write paragraphs about Third Eye Blind. They were my favorite band for a long time. I love the way they write. I went to concerts and everything. I'm sure there will be more songs by them on other lists. This song came at an interesting time in my life. I heard it for the first time after meeting Doug. I heard it and felt so independent and free. I felt like I could do anything I wanted which ultimately made me break up with him for a year so I could be free.
Get It Poppin: Fat Joe ft Nelly
This is just a fun song that I use on my exercise list. I like the over all sound of it.

If you think I'm weird after this list just wait to see what else comes.

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Lori_N said...

Oh my! What a wide variety of music. I'll have to check out alot of them. I think I only know one song. Now you got me curious...