Thursday, July 19, 2007

Safety Questions

With all the creepy people around I really haven't let my children do too much without me. It just got me thinking about what ages they should be to do certain things. I know a lot depends on the child and their maturity but are there guidelines?

At what age do you let your children use a public restroom alone?
At what age do you let them walk or ride their bike around the block by themselves?
How old should they be to run across the other side of the store to get something for you?
At what age would you let them stay home alone?

I just realized that I haven't thought past the ages they are now and would have no clue on when to let them do what. Do you just get a feeling when the time is right like the motherly instinct that has always guided us?


Frdgrl27 said...

I don't know- I guess maybe its how you feel about where you are and their maturity levels. I guess it does depend on motherly instincts in a way.

KC said...

I don't think there is a right age, go with your Gut.
I have alot of people though who think I'm way over protective of the kids(then my dad thinks I let them do to much, I can't win LOL) I do tend to be protective though, better safe then sorry and times are alot different then when we grew up.. I was riding my bike all over town at 10 years old.. Well I have an 11 1/2 year old who I won't let walk to school unless she is with a group of people. She asked me last school year when I would let her walk alone and my answer was never. I live 3 doors from a grocery store and this week was the 1st time I let her walk down to the store to get bread for me. So maybe I am over protective who knows.. this year I have started letting Mr Man go into the boys bathroom alone with me standing outside the door when we are out without DH. BUT if we were in a big city or some place I just didn't feel safe letting him do that, he would be complaining about it but he would be going into the girls restroom with me.
I dont let the kids ride around our block by themself but that is only because of the traffic on the road behind me. I do however let the older two ride around my grandma's block as long as they are together or with a friend..
I'm a big buddy system sort of mom :) Though I do find myself letting Sweet Pea do alot more then I did Princess at this age, ONLY because she can do the things with her older brother and sister watching her.
don't know if this answered your questions or not or helped at all but here it is anyways LOL

palmtreefanatic said...

I would let my loder 2 stay home alone up to a couple hrs...older 2 can ride their bikes around the block,
i think you just know when it is right, tough questions,
I think I always been brave about the store it, I leave them in the toy section for a short bit,
as long as I know where they are and they don't move;)
I am lenient I guess...within reason
no way would I let my youngest alone though....hmmmm

KC said...

Hey Stayllo stop over at my blog I have given you two awards. :)