Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I have been in OH now for 5 years. There have been many differences that I have noticed.
1. OH has garage sales on Thursdays and Fridays - this is so strange to me
2. OH has snow not ice and can quickly recover from 24 inches by afternoon
3. OH cars have stickers from the different schools for their children - students, students of the month, sports and honor students
4. OH yards have signs with pictures of the sport and player number of their high school kids
5. OH has barely any hills or mountains
6. OH has beaches
7. OH has no smoking in public places
8. OH has drive through stores
9. OH has alcohol in their grocery stores and drive-thrus (doesn't that ask for drunk driving?)
10. OH doesn't have Philly pretzels or cheesesteaks - the pretezels on Philly street corners, WAWA doesn't count - Philly Steak and Cheese at fairs DO NOT count!! :(
11. Our OH location is fun because you see someone you know everywhere you go in town
12. OH doesn't have Rita's Water Ice :(
13. OH doesn't have WAWA's :(
My thoughts suddenly turned to food. Now I have some strong cravings for things I can get. I may need to make a trip to PA before school starts.


palmtreefanatic said...

what is wawa!????

Well nice list, it all lines up pretty accurately;)

Lori_N said...

I agree, what is it with garage sales on Thursday? It completely screws me up :)

Stayllo said...

WAWA is the greatest convenience store ever!