Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fossil Find

Here are pictures of a fun project that the kids had last week. They both really love fossils. Its like a block of clay and they give you a little pick and brush to dig for the fossil inside. They both had a mammoth. All the bones were in there and you have to get all the pieces (I think 11), wash them off and glue them together. It took Robyn about 2 hours to dig hers out. I still haven't gotten around to super gluing it. Garrett was tired after an hour and still needs to go back and finish his. Lessons learned:

1. When Grandma and Grandpa Wolfgang send an art project it is messy. This even surpassed the Valentine making kit that contained glitter.
2. Should have done this outside. There was dirt-like dust all over the kitchen and handprints through the house.
3. Should have used garden hose on children before letting them in the house.
4. It was really fun the watch the kids try something new.

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Lori_N said...

How cool was that. I don't really like messes so this probably would have drove me crazy. Would love to see the final mammoth. Too funny about Garrett, mine would have done the same.