Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

I have lots of things to tackle today but none of it is photo worthy. I have already called the mortgage guy, read the blogs, perused our inspection report and started laundry. Unfortunately I couldn't get up early like normal so I feel like I'm behind. I was up sick the night before so I desperately needed to catch up on the sleep. I'm mean when I get tired, just ask my family. To make it worse I had to sign papers at the realtor's office for 2 hours last night on no sleep for a bid we are putting in. You would think I would get stuff done and be off the computer but I'm hooked!!
Anway, I have to go get some groceries from Walmart and pay the bills along with taking the kids to the pool. After the pool I'm going to straighten up the house. We have been in and out so much its starting to accumulate. I read Tina's blog and now I'm reminded that my living room ceiling fan needs to be cleaned so I will tackle that. I will also try to tackle the fish and frog bowls and clean them out. Depending on all that I may wash our horse because she stinks. I think that would be photo worthy. Picture me putting my 75 lb dog in the bathtub. Actually the last time she didn't fight me on it and just climbed in. Let's hope for that.


KC said...

I hear ya.. I have people bring over two recliners and a couch to my house tomorrow and right now I can't even find floor in my living room with all the kids toys and my laundry that needs folded and just the every day mess that collects in here.. Yet here I sit at the computer.. I'm hooked also sometimes I have to just keep telling myself to walk away WALK AWAY.. LOL

Heather said...

Sounds like you have a little bit on your plate and to be tired is hard. There are days that I feel that way and I have to turn the computer off because if it is on, I think oh I will just check this and 20 min later there I sit. We moved our comp up to our bedroom so I am on it less. I used to spend the day on it when it was off our living room. Sooo unproductive!

palmtreefanatic said...

busy busy!
sleep is important
I get scary when I dont have enough!
I am sure you ill get it all done!
Take a deep breath!