Saturday, July 28, 2007

A New House?

Yesterday we went out to look at houses again. There were a couple of promising ones but this is the one we are really interested in. The other house was in perfect condition which means that when we have to move again in a few years we couldn't make much money off of it. This house we can probably get much cheaper but it needs a lot of work but luckily its all work we can do so we should really be able to turn it around. The neighborhood is great and the school district has the highest rating available for the state. We have done the research and found that the houses around it are selling for much more for the same design. We just need to put work into it. At first I was hesistant for all the work but I realized that it is still in better condition than our first house and has an extra 700 finished sq. ft. I love the kitchen that is shown above. There is so much you can do with the inspiration from the windows!! The other side that you can't see is cabinets. Its large and I love the windows into the family room. I'm not thrilled with the wallpaper but that will need to change through the house. Luckily I'm a pro now at taking down wallpaper and painting thanks to our first house. Most of the real work will be Doug's but this time he will be home more to do it and its not plumbing!!! He is very excited about the house and has a ton of ideas for it. We put our first bid in and we will have an inspector go through to make sure we aren't missing anything major once the bidding is done. I'll keep you posted.


Heather said...

A very neat design. I agree, you could easily be inspired by it. Wallpaper removel is no fun, but you guys are thinking right about not buying the perfect house and not getting your $ out of it. Esp. if you will be moving often, house projects will just keep being in your future. Luckily you guys are so good at it!

KC said...

That kitchen is very cool.. Little man is helping me type here so forgive the spaceing of my words.
He also was dancing around to your music on your blog

palmtreefanatic said...

what a neat looking room!
good thing you have gotten good at fixing up homes! though one can learn fast anymore as you cannot afford to hire out for every little thing!